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Modular Refinery

PCC's Modular Refineries are designed and fabricated in our manufacturing base located in Tianjin, China. As the name implies, all equipment is constructed in modules that are designed to be transported quickly and easily anywhere in the world.

Depending on the refining capacity, Modular Refineries can be designed and constructed with the major part of the work accomplished in our factory in a controlled atmosphere. This greatly improves efficiency and keeps costs low. We do as much of the work in our factory as possible, controlling man hours and material costs through the immediate access afforded by our on-site engineering and design facilities.

For the largest Modular Refineries some components (such as crude distillation columns) are too large to mount on skids and must be shipped separately. Before shipping and while still in our factory, we preassemble all of these components directly to the modularized process systems so field assembly is short and efficient.

Modular Refinery
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