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Q: What's the processing capacity of oil refinery?
A: PCC's modular refinery can process from 200bpd ~ 25000bpd crude oil. Larger capacity is designed in non-modular type, because the distillation column diameter exceeds land transport limitation.
Q: What does BPD mean?
“BPD” means Barrels per Day.
“Barrel” means forty-two (42) US Gallons.
“Gallon” means a US gallon of two hundred thirty-one (231) cubic inches of liquid at sixty degrees Fahrenheit (60º F) and at the equivalent vapor pressure of the liquid.
Q: What's the basis of design an oil refinery?
A: The important basis of design an oil refinery are feed-stock test assay and desired product specifications.
Q: What equipment does an oil refinery contain?
A: The units that an oil refinery contain or the process flow depend on the feedstock composition and desired product specifications. All design is on the basis of these two points.
Q: What's ISBL & OSBL?
A: Refinery units have two main areas, the inside battery limits (ISBL) and the outside battery limits (OSBL). The ISBL equipment consists of the modular units supplied by PCC. However, a facility requires significant support facilities to the process equipment that are considered the OSBL. These OSBL features include civil work (clear, back-fill and level the site), roads, security fencing, landscaping, concrete foundations, buildings (office, control, shop, etc.), storage tanks, truck loading rack, facility piping, power generation, electrical power distribution, area lighting, fire protection system, compressed air, nitrogen, water treatment, oily water treatment, and wastewater treatment.
Q: How many area does a modular oil refinery cover?
A: This depends on the processing capacity and process unit number. Refinery Complex Area requirement is typically 5 Acres per 5,000 bpd refinery. 2 Acres of level land may accommodate the equipment only. Actual land use will be advised during the engineering design.
Q: What's the capacity of a gas processing plant?
A: PCC' s gas processing plant capacity is minimum 5MMSCFD.