Peiyang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Installation Guidance

Modular refinery or modular gas processing unit is designed to be transported by land or sea to any location. The equipment is fabricated in the same configuration as the process unit site plan. After completion of testing, the equipment is disassembled, packed, shrink‐wrapped, and shipped from the our manufacturer's facility to project site.

All equipment will be placed on steel frame skids (modularized) by PCC before shipment. The modularization process involves fabricating skids; installing   the equipment; fabricating and installing piping; installing instruments; providing insulation and jacketing of high temperature piping and equipment; installing electrical components such as lighting, wiring, MCC, etc.; and painting all steel components. All skids and equipment (except the heater) are pre-assembled prior to shipping to verify proper fit. Dimensions and weight of the units meet the requirements of rail and road transportation, assembly can be performed by automobile cranes. Modular construction reduces the amount of installation works, ensures high speed and quality of the unit assembly.