Peiyang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Technical Performance Test of Winpak Packing by FRI
Like Sinopec, BASF, Dow Chemical, Shell etc., PCC became the member of the best fractionation research institution in the world, FRI (Fractionation Research, Inc.).

FRI established on 1952. It is a non-profit organization. FRI can provide technical performance data of mass transfer equipment for its members. The purpose of FRI is to help its members design fractionation tower more effectively and to keep them on the leading edges of distillation technology.

From September 15, 2016, our patent distillation packing, Winpak 250, was tested by FRI. The technical performance includes pressure drop, theoretical plate number, flux etc. Finally, we got satisfied test result, and these results will be professionally report to public.

Winpak technical data