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The 2017 Conference of China's Top 500 Oil and Chemical Companies
China's top 500 oil and chemical companies held a press conference in 2017. In 2016, the total revenue of enterprises listed in the listed enterprises is 10.02 trillion yuan, accounting for 75% of the national petroleum and chemical industry. This shows the sound development and concentration degree of the whole business enterprise.

This year, the top 9 companies in the list have the world scale, with business revenue exceeding 100 billion yuan. They are Sinopec Group, China Petroleum group, CNOOC, Sinochem, China chemical industry, Yanchang Petroleum Group, Henan energy chemical group, China Pingmei Shenma Group and Tianjin Bohai chemical industry group. The main business income of more than 100 billion yuan is five more than last year. The top 10 companies in the list have a combined business income of 5.38 trillion yuan, with the top 50 total accounting for 7.14 trillion yuan, accounting for nearly 54 percent of the total industry. In addition, the main business income of 10 billion ~ 20 billion yuan is 64, up to 3 more than last year. There were 73 enterprises with over 20 billion yuan and an increase of 10.

The China petroleum and chemical industry federation said that in recent years, China's petrochemical industry has actively explored the advanced enterprise management model and experience with Chinese characteristics and achieved gratifying results. The top 500 petrochemical companies launched by the general assembly are not only the leading enterprises in the whole industry, but also the outstanding representatives of the outstanding achievements in enterprise management. It has made important contribution to the management and management innovation of industry enterprises.

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