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A new round of oil price adjustment window opens today or meets the sixth stranded in the year
China News, Beijing, October (19) (Qiu Yu) a new round of refined oil price window will be opened at 24 in October 19th, a number of institutions predict the current round of price adjustment will usher in deadlock.

As of October 17, the corresponding oil price adjustment is less than 50 yuan/ton, according to the calculation by many institutions, such as LongZhong information, ZhuoChuang information and ZhongYu information.

According to the "oil price management measures", the highest retail price of gasoline and diesel is linked with the international oil price. When the price adjustment is less than 50 yuan per ton, it will not be adjusted and accumulated or offset when the next price adjustment is included."

This will be the sixth time to run aground since 2017. So far, gasoline has been lowered by 50 yuan/ton and diesel by 50 yuan/ton.

Recently, international oil prices fell first and then rose.ZhuoChuang Information oil analyst Zhang Zhaoxin said that since the valuation cycle, the U. S. dollar, global crude oil production rose and U.S. crude oil export surge, the market increased to excess global supply concerns, international oil prices fell.

"Eleven" after the end of the holiday, because Saudi Arabia to further cut oil exports, and OPEC raised on 2018 global oil demand forecast, and the geopolitical situation in the Middle East tension, under the influence of multiple factors, the international oil price gains." Zhang Zhaoxin said.

In October 17th, the U.S. WTI crude oil futures rose 0.01 U.S. dollars, to 51.88 U.S. dollars / barrel. Brent crude oil futures rose $0.06, to $57.88 / barrel.

From the retail point of view, the current round of gasoline and diesel prices will not be adjusted. LongZhong Information oil analyst Li Yan said that the recent main and private gas station to the early performance of Sinopec, the main gas station offers more in the range of 0.5-1 yuan / liter, while the private gas station offers more in the range of 0.4-1.2 yuan / liter.

The next round of price adjustment window will open at 24 in November 2, 2017. Li Yan believes that, at present, the change in international oil prices is still under the guidance of OPEC meeting, OPEC may continue to support the reduction of production from the official attitude, such as hinted to extend the production reduction agreement. There is no overwhelming advantage of the current empty, and it is estimated that the next round of oil price adjustment is likely to rise or run aground.

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