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By 2040, Britain will no Longer Sell Cars and Vans Powered by Natural Gas and Diesel

Electric cars are becoming cheaper and more efficient, and they are also good for the environment. In order to speed up the adoption of these vehicles, some countries have announced plans to prohibit the sale of non-electric vehicles, which actually ended up the production of new gas and diesel-powered vehicles.

The Netherlands plans to start selling only electric vehicles by 2025.

This is part of a broad commitment to developing future transport.

Norway can be regarded as the leader in this area. The country has been encouraging the development of electric vehicles for a long time. It is not difficult to achieve the goal of zero emission or low emission of all new cars before 2025.

In India, by 2030, only electric and hybrid cars can be legally purchased. Germany has already had a total ban on the use of internal combustion engines by 2030.

The sweeping reforms proposed by Nicolas Hulot, France's Environment Minister, will stop the country from selling natural gas and diesel-powered cars in 2040. After 2040, Britain will no longer sell cars and vans powered by natural gas and diesel.

While all these plans are encouraging, the vast majority of countries have not yet to commit to the transition from traditional cars. At the same time, some countries, such as China, have confirmed their intention to end the sale of fossil fuel vehicles, but have not set a specific deadline. That means they may delay the ban for decades to come.