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Canada's Liquefied Natural Gas is Exported to China for the First Time

The first shipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Canada to China has been successfully shipped from Vancouver, Canada, and arrived in China in early December. This is the reporter learned from the China international shipping container (Group) Limited by Share Ltd (CIMC), which is based in Shenzhen.

It is understood that the LNG exported to China is supplied by Fortis BC's liquefied facilities in British Columbia, Canada. The logistics scheme and loading tools are provided by the Hong Kong-listed shares listed company of China central group. It is sent to China based on the container logistics mode of sea and land transportation. The exploration of the long-term export model will be Canada's first export of liquefied natural gas to the Chinese market.

Canada is rich in natural resources, especially oil, natural gas, minerals and metal resources. In an interview with Chinese media in June 2017, Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr made it clear that Canada is interested in becoming a major exporter of liquefied natural gas internationally. We also hope that Canada's LNG can be exported to China as soon as possible. Now that expectation has come true.

As the LNG trade market growing, LNG tank container multimodal transport mode with flexible, less investment in fixed facilities, and safety and efficiency are being more and more attention to the global LNG market. The person in charge of CIMC said the implementation of this project has opened a new chapter in the energy business between Canada and China. The standardized and innovative logistics mode brought by LNG container has been extended from the United States to Canada. It will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the innovation of LNG logistics in Canada and the world.