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China's Imports of LNG are Set to Hit Record Levels in November

Sinopec news online news report, according to Reuters in November 29th, as millions of families turn from coal heating to use natural gas, the demand for natural gas peaks in the cold winter. In China, imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in November will reach a record level, pushing up the price of the fuel.

Although the world's second largest economies have huge natural gas reserves and can import natural gas through pipelines, the growth of most natural gas demand in China will still be met through the LNG transport ship.

According to shipping data of Thomson Reuters Eikon, China's LNG imports will reach 4 million tonnes for the first time in November, breaking the highest record of 3.7 million tonnes created since late December.

The main reason for China's LNG imports to hit record highs in November is the switch from coal to natural gas for heating this winter in northeast China.