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CNOOC has built 15 LNG fleets, Achieve the Dream of
Recently, reporters  were informed that the largest and most advanced LNG (liquefied natural gas) tankers "Pan-Asian" was delivered officially from the China National offshore oil Corporation (CNOOC). "Pan-Asian" is Curtis LNG project in Australia 4 LNG tankers of the same class ship and there will be delivered 3 sister ship of the same size lately. Clean energy which is equivalent to 2016 as a whole one-fourth of the total LNG imports can be transported back to the 6 million tonnes a year after 4 carriers have been serviced. After five years of effort, especially with the "Pan-Asian", "Pan American" large LNG carriers have been used, CNOOC will have various types of LNG ship 15, shipping scale the highest in the world, which is guaranteed China's growing demand for clean energy.

It is reported that the length of "Pan-Asian" boat is 290 m and the length of beam is 46.95 m and the depth is 26.25 meters. Morever, the deadweight is about 82500 tons, which is comparable to medium size aircraft carrier that can carry 174,000 cubic metres of liquefied natural gas. Its LNG vaporization capacity will reach 107 million cubic meters. By the standards of Beijing residents with 15 cubic metres of gas per month, 600,000 residents can use 1 year.

LNG tanker is called the world shipbuilding "Crown Jewel." "Pan-Asian" which is focus on the China Shipbuilding's highest scientific and technological achievements, is also our own largest LNG carriers. Its three fuel-electric propulsion system and application of liquefaction on 170,000 cubic meters-class LNG vessel is used in the world firstly.

After the ship was used, through the Silk Road on the sea, may be brought back to 1.5 million tons per year of clean energy and will promote the formation of domestic natural gas resources and foreign LNG resources complement coastal gas supply system.

LNG floating storage and transportation equipment as a floating natural gas pipeline can provide the important guarantee for the LNG supply chain. Through 5 years of intensive cultivation, investment, equity participation, equity acquisition, integrated design and construction methods, floating oil storage and transportation equipment scale of China continued to develop and grow. From 2012 shares only 1 LNG tanker, and now has a large LNG carrier 10, small and medium LNG carrier 1, LNG port to ship 4, scale number closer to 4, and 4 of those are equipment for domestic initiative, one of the industry leaders. Through 5 years, Inland oil LNG has fleeted ocean sea, from Australia, Indonesia, Qatar and Malaysia and other 14 countries back to the clean energy LNG4948.630,000 tons and 190 million tons of carbon dioxide for reducing national emissions, the equivalent of 400 million trees for planting trees. LNG can sulfur dioxide emissions of 1.05 million tons, 13.75 million tons of nitrogen oxides, soot, 875,000 tons, haze of governance plays an important role. With the "Pan American" "pan-European" "Pan-African" LNG tankers have been used, CNOOC 1.578 million cubic meters of LNG fleet capacity.

Meanwhile, CNOOC has promoted key localization processes and clean fuel LNG demonstration and extension in the marine field actively. Earlier, the small and medium LNG tanker design, construction technology monopolized by foreign competitors. 5-year period, CNOOC uses the joint design and innovation design model, in one fell swoop to conquer ship development and core technology of LNG storage tanks, developed a 30,000 LNG tankers, LNG Harbor tug, LNG filling ships and other ships, owns the key shipping LNG fuel engine fuel storage and supply system technology Technology and independent intellectual property rights of more than 20 items to fill a number of domestic technology. Among them, the "offshore oil 525" is China's CNOOC developed the second generation of LNG Harbor tug. The ship uses pure LNG as a fuel, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfides and other pollutant emissions up to respectively, and 50%, and 100%.

At present, CNOOC, has become the world's third largest LNG importer, total LNG imports 100 million tons, equivalent to 140 billion cubic meters of natural gas. According to the calorific value calculation, the equivalent of 130 million tons of crude oil, about one-fourth in 2015, China's oil consumption.

CNOOC President Yang Hua said natural gas business CNOOC has responded positively to national ecological civilization construction, energy consumption structure adjustment strategy, contribution to low carbon and clean energy, an important way to achieve green development. As a pioneer of the LNG industry, CNOOC has been the formation of "upstream gas, the middle reaches of the shipbuilding, the downstream station" system of LNG industry chain. In the future, more clean energy will be transported to the mainland by the sea, to finish the dream of "beautiful China".