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Cultivate and Regulate LNG Cold Energy Utilization Industry Chain Market

The cascade of cold energy utilization of LNG is a cold industrial chain with many users. Whether it is a large receiving station or a small gasification facility, the construction of the industrial chain will depend on the market demand and necessary land available for the suitable cold industry nearby. It is true that if LNG is used to produce liquid nitrogen or oxygen, it can be transported to a distant place by tanker. But it must also take full consideration of factors that affect the overall economic benefits, including natural, geographical, and economic conditions.

There are many industries involved in cold energy utilization of different temperatures. It is not generally possible for a receiving station to take its own work, but to achieve the win-win for all parties, and to build according to market economic mechanism and trading rules. For this reason, it is necessary to scientifically determine the price of cold energy related transactions in all links of the industrial chain; To establish the mechanism nuclear progress of each project's investment, financing, construction and operation. In the case of the actual monopoly, franchising and price supervision mechanism will be established; And the framework for negotiating the interests of all parties. In order to ensure that the state controls the economic lifeline, the state, private and foreign enterprises access policies are formulated. These are the key to the development of LNG industry.

Synchronous planning and construction of cold energy utilization industry chain and LNG gas plant

The joint planning of LNG gas plant site selection and the downstream cold industrial cluster is the premise of building the downstream cold industrial chain of LNG project. This will require the receiving station (or gasification station, city pipe network gate) owner to coordinate the local circular economic development zone, the relevant other enterprise departments to plan and negotiate repeatedly. First, in the siting stage, it is necessary to fully consider the industrial layout and the integration of the possible cold energy industry chain; As well as the construction of related cold energy industries near the receiving station; And the market demand of cold industrial products. The construction schedule and scale must also be planned. Take full account of the investment benefits and risks of all parties. This requires coordination and planning by local governments.