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Senior Officials of Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan Gains $1 billion from the Gas Exports to China
Astana, China (China news service) 10.16, (reporter Wenlong Jie). The connected ritual of the Nieiru - Bozoy - Chimkent natural gas pipeline and Central Asian - Chinese natural gas pipeline was held at the Astana natural gas dispatch center in the capital of Kazakhstan on April 16.

"Today's ceremony is an important moment in history," Mr. Bozmbayev, the President of the department of energy, said at the ceremony. The project will have a "positive effect" on the development of Kazakhstan's national economy. Kazakhstan used to export gas only to European countries via Russia. And now, the gas of Kazakhstan has access to the Chinese market."

Bozmbayev said that Kazakhstan would export 5 billion cubic meters of natural gas a year to China based on the agreement signed by the two sides, with total revenues of $1 billion in Kazakhstan. The price of natural gas exported to China is reasonable and will not affect the price of the domestic market in Kazakhstan.

Bozmbayev also revealed that kazakhstan's natural gas production is 40 billion cubic meters this year, with 16 billion cubic meters of gas being exported, 13 to 14 billion cubic meters for the demand of domestic market, the remaining natural gas will be reinjected into the well.

The vice President of the national oil and gas company, Sharipbayev, said: Kazakhstan's natural gas entering the Chinese market will promote cooperation between Eurasian countries in related fields such as natural gas trade and transportation. It will also help build mutually beneficial relationships in areas such as infrastructure construction.

In addition, the President of the national oil and gas corporation of Kazakhstan, Sulaimanov, and the chief executive of Kazakhstan's national oil and gas company, Samenbayev, also attended the ceremony.

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