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The Key to Promoting LNG Cold Energy Utilization Industry Chain in China

The technical research and development of LNG cold energy utilization system

From the point of view of chemical equipment, the cold energy utilization system of LNG receiving station is not complicated. The corresponding process and equipment technology are mature and reliable. So far, dozens of projects have been running in Japan, foreign Taiwan and elsewhere, although they are mostly separate and independent, lack of cascade utilization and comprehensive optimization.

From the two aspects of technology and management, a computer aided decision-making platform is developed from a single device, local subsystem, to a system global integration model. Using this platform tool for alternative and technical economic optimizations for possible scenarios from unit to system, it is an extremely important research and development task to make the LNG cold energy available to all kinds of pentium market. For example, the cold temperature of the LNG cold energy used for air separation is higher than that of the circulating nitrogen at a temperature of -75 degrees centigrade. At present, the LNG cold energy of -75 ---5 DEG C is mostly used by ethylene glycol aqueous solution for compressor cooling at about 0 degrees centigrade; The temperature difference is too large, the cold can seriously reduce the quality. If it can be integrated with other users of -60 --15℃, it will greatly improve the economy of the project. In order to solve the problem of time and space synchronization between the cold energy utilization industry and LNG gasification operation, an appropriate refrigerant circulation system is constructed and the optimized cold protection technology and the economic transportation distance are selected; The reliability and controllability of the system are required. These are perfectly solvable.