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Papua New Guinea will build natural gas power station

"Courier mail" reported on November 13th, Papua New Guinea National Executive Committee (NEC) has approved the project of constructing a natural gas power station which will cost 115 million dollars. The project is located in the outskirts of the capital Port Moresby, invested by NiuPower, which is jointly controlled by Oil Search and Kumul oil company. The PNG and public investment minister William Duma said, the project is key to meet the needs of electric power in Port Moresby and reduce the national electricity price of the state of Papua New Guinea. In addition, the PNG national Power Grid Corp will support 60 million Kenath (about 120 million yuan) for the construction of 66KV double circuit transmission line which connects the power station and Gerehu transformer substation. Duma also pointed out that the national Power Grid Corp purchase electricity from the project with the price of about 0.25 Kenath per Kilowatt (about 0.5 yuan). The program is currently the cheapest source of electricity.