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Petrol Shortages and Squabbles over Petrol Shortages Continued in Abuja

According to Newspaper Today of the Nigerian, on December 28, although Lagos's oil shortage has eased, the oil shortage in the capital, Abuja, continued Wednesday, with long lines at the entrance to the capital Abuja. At the same time, the squabbles over the causes of oil scarcity continued. The gasoline storage association (DAPPMA) held that Nigeria's national oil company was mainly responsible for the gasoline shortage. At the same time, the opposition PDP's asked the federal government to publicly explain fraud in the process of gas supply and demand, and 18 unlicensed companies oil field extracted and transfer the $1.1 trillion worth of crude oil.

NduUghamadu, the general manager of the public affairs department of Nigeria's national oil company, made a statement publicly to disassociated from the responsibility in Abuja, he said there was a problem with the direct-sale buying mechanism (DSDP), which led to the oil shortage.

The gasoline storage association declared on Tuesday that members of the association through the Company's subsidiary, the Pipeline and Products Marketing Company of the Nigerian national petroleum corporation paid the full price of 800 million liters of gasoline in advance, but the oil depot of members of the association remained empty due to the lack of fuel.

Nigeria's national oil company stated in response to the gas storage association that warehousing association members got gas from the pipeline and products marketing company, as of December 21st, the payment for goods valued 16.7 billion nairas were still in arrears. The Nigerian national oil company admitted that although the federal government had allowed members of the gasoline storage association to exchange foreign exchange for oil imports, in reality, they can't exchange the official exchange rate of 305:1 for dollars, leading to the fact that the Nigerian national oil company is now the only importer of gasoline.

Nigeria's national oil company expressed its plans to import 1.2 billion liters of gasoline in the first quarter of 2018 to ease the current shortage of gasoline, which was equivalent to 4 million liters of gasoline per day to the domestic market. In general, Nigeria's daily gasoline consumption is between 2.7 million and 3 million liters of petrol. At the same time, the Nigerian national petroleum corporation had no plans to increase the price and will guarantee to sell gasoline to petrol stations in accordance with the price of 133.28 naira/ liter, as stipulated by the state. To sell gasoline to the public at a retail price of 145 nairas/ liter. It is hoped that the relevant parties will cooperate with their work.

However, the opposition PDP accused the federal government of covering up the scandals of the ruling party, APC and required to put the matter of  18 unregistered companies extracting and transferring $11000 worth of oil  in the public and asked for an open $1 billion from the oil revenue account to fight the real reason for the Boko Haram. It also required to public National Nigeria Petroleum Corp to subsidize the sales of gasoline. In addition, it was also strongly blamed for the lack of improvement in the oil refining capacity of the PDP during the period of the PDP, which was still dependent on the import of gasoline.