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The Progress and Prospect of Anticorrosion Technology

The new anticorrosive materials have expanded the reasonable selection space for anti-corrosion, for example, according to different corrosion media, ambient temperature, pressure and other specific situations to choose more corrosion resistant materials.

The techniques of material surface modification, such as surface aluminized technology, stainless steel refining equipment surface conversion coating technology, high temperature coating technology, amorphous phosphorus nickel - plating technology, corrosion resistant material on the surface of welding technology and so on. The surface modification technology of these materials has played a great role in the corrosion prevention of the equipment. However, some of the surface modification techniques can not be applied well due to the large length or volume of some pipelines and towers, therefore, more research and development should be done in the application of these technologies.

The continuous improvement of process corrosion technology has greatly reduced the corrosion of harmful substances in crude oil. In the process of crude refining, it is mainly focused on the improvement of "one and four injection" process. In recent years, due to the increasingly serious tendency of crude oil, many oil fields are in the middle and late stage. High viscosity, high acid value, high sulfur, high metal content and high salt content oil production have increased significantly. In particular, the addition of three oil production to a large amount of emulsifier and oil displacement agent makes it more and more difficult for crude oil to be dewatered / electrodehydrated. The desalting of many refineries can not meet the basic requirements of salt content less than 5 mg/L and water content (v/v) less than 0.2% stipulated by the Sinopec production department. The salt content of some refineries is usually above 10 mg/L, and the corrosion rate of the constant decompression devices is increased rapidly. Many tower equipment have to be made of titanium alloy. Therefore, it is important to improve the management measures of the technology corrosion prevention technology system of "one and four injection" oil refining equipment, which will remain the focus of the oil and chemical equipment corrosion prevention in the coming period.

The development of online corrosion monitoring technology. Corrosion monitoring technology is used to determine the corrosion rate of materials in the technological medium environment using various instruments and analytical methods. Timely feedback equipment corrosion information, so as to take effective measures to mitigate corrosion.

The brief summary

As many oil fields in our country have entered the middle and late stage and the import crude oil has increased, the nature of crude oil has become increasingly inferior, and the sulfur content, acid value, salt content and heavy metal content are increasing. Corrosion gradually becomes the main problem that restricts the safe and smooth production of oil refinery. Because many of our refining equipment was not designed according to the current nature of crude oil, in this way, the corrosion problem of petroleum refining equipment in China is becoming more and more serious, and it is urgent to take economic and effective anti-corrosion measures. In recent years, we have increased the investment in the anti-corrosion and process anti-corrosion funds. New technologies, new materials and new processes are emerging, however, since the corrosion environment of the equipment may vary greatly, any kind of anti-corrosion measures can't be called a universal solution to corrosion. Only professional anti-corrosion technology and anti-corrosion integrated management closely integrated to form a complete system, and adopt comprehensive protection technology, we can realize the long period running of equipment and the work of equipment anti-corrosion can be gradually into the standardized management.