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The Cold Energy of LNG Can be Used in Combination with Cold Energy in China

Large LNG receiving station cold energy utilization, the first choice is large-scale air separation

As mentioned above, the oxygen enriched with coal will require an enormous amount of oxygen that is not high in purity. This provides a large market for large LNG projects. The basic model of industrial chain: 1) direct supply of high-pressure air oxygen; 2) the liquid oxygen is produced, then the gas plant can be transferred to the gas chemical plant to be gasified, and the cold can be used in two kinds of cryogenic methanol washing or other cold users. But in the case of the nitrogen product users, (liquid or gaseous, distant, etc.), there may be different combinations. Everything depends on the specific conditions.

The cold energy of large LNG terminal can be used for the separation of large-scale light hydrocarbon

LNG with C2+ content above 10% (W) generally has the economic feasibility of using cold energy separation during gasification. With the separation of oil associated gas C2+ in LNG cold energy, according to the distance and there are two kinds of schemes. Bring crude gas to the receiving station; The liquid nitrogen is transported to the oil and gas field, and the cold energy can be used to recycle the nitrogen gas.

Cold energy industry in the market demand of LNG terminal

It is completely determined by the scale, type of cold energy industry, the economic distance of the cold media, the geographical conditions around the receiving station, the logistics and transportation conditions, the industrial layout and so on. There can be no fixed pattern.  In cases where conditions are severely limited, combined cooling can be considered as long as it is economically viable.

The cold energy industry of market demand in the area near small LNG gasification station

The same as in the 4.3 verse. The difference is that the LNG satellite gasification facilities are always close to natural gas users; You can always find cold energy users. But limited by size, it is difficult to use for cryogenic projects. If it can only be used for high-temperature projects, the efficiency of the use of cold can be limited. The cold damage is also relatively large.

"LNG cold energy - liquid nitrogen - oil and gas field -LNG station" cold energy circulating industrial chain

This is still a vision, but with the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction, it is likely to happen. The idea is as described in section 4.2, which uses a tanker to ship the liquid nitrogen to the oil and gas fields.  Nitrogen injection well, but cold can not only be used to separate C2 +, but also liquefied methane to LNG, and then tank truck to return to gasification station; This can form a cold energy cycle industrial chain. Of course, both places have to build refrigeration facilities. The cold energy can only meet some requirements, but there will be significant power saving effects. The concept is yet to be developed further in the demonstration project.