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The First Global FLNG That Converted by LNG Ship Set Sail
The first global FLNG that converted by LNG has set sail from Singaporean Keppel offshore with maritime affairs to Cameroon recently.

British LNG shipping company Golar LNG has announced recently that floating liquefied natural gas ship (FLNG) "Hilli Episeyo" has set sail from Singapore at ten on 12th October.

"Hilli Episeyo" was scheduled to set sail from 15th October to 20th October. Golar LNG said it set sail in advance because Golar LNG decided to finish LNG air feed in Cameroon instead of Singapore. The voyage to Cameroon is expected to spend 32 days to 40 days.

"Hilli Episeyo" is the first FLNG that converted by LNG plant in global. It was converted by Singaporean Keppel offshore and maritime affairs. After finishing, "Hilli Episeyo" will be put into operation in Cameroon coast and it will serve for Kribi LNG project of Perenco company.

In the naming ceremony in July, this converted FLNG was named "Hilli Episeyo" . On 1st October, after finishing mechanical completion, "Hilli Episeyo" left Keppel shipyard and then moved to deepwater anchorage basin for marine debugging.

"Hilli Episeyo" was converted by a 125 thousand stere idle Mos LNG in 1975. In 2014, Golar LNG signed a converted contract with Keppel that valued 0.735 billion dollars, this is also the first FLNG that converted by LNG.

Keppel's remodel jobs include increase buoy on the both side of hull for storing like pre-treatment system, refrigerant liquefaction process, vaporizing gas compression, unloading device on deck. Converting FLNG improved cost efficiency drastically and got into market faster when compared with building a new FLNG, at the same time, there is no influence on its safety and production capacity. Converted new ship with liquefying power about 24 million a year, and it will put into operation in Kribi gas field in Cameroon.