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The Investment of Oil and Gas Has Reduced! Last year Global Energy Investment declined by 12%

International Energy Agency put out annual report during World Petroleum Congress on Tuesday said that global energy investment in 2016 has declined by 12%. This is the second depression of global energy investment , the main reason is the upstream investment of oil and gas has declined persistently.

It is reported that the total investment of global energy is 1700 billion, it took up 2.2% of the Gross Domestic Product. Among it, electric power sector invested more in...than the total investment of oil, natural gas and coal, clean energy took up 43% of total investment.

The report suggested that China is a big investor, last year, China energy investment took up 21% of global total investment. China coal and power investment declined 25%, but the investment of clean energy's power generation, energy construction and efficiency is increasing gradually. Lat year, America energy investment took up 16% of global total investment. India energy investment increased 7% and it comfortably perched in third of energy investment market.

The report quoted from the Tihe Berol who is an executive officer in International Energy Agency, it said that the calculative investment decisions now are more important than any time for maintaining energy safety and achieving environmental protection target.

Berol said that oil and gas industry paid attention to the short period items again, decisions-maker should reverse the present poor state so that it can make sure the long-term and adequate supply of energy.