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The Ten Most Productive Oil Field in The World, One Is Located in China

Though shale energy revolution has been widely discussed, the world still relies on mass production of oil from existing oil fields. The Middle East has been playing an important role in oil field for half an century, now it is unarguably a leader. Here are the top ten oil fields in the world, one of them belongs to china.

1. Safaniya Oil Field, which lays in the northeast of Saudi Arabia's coast, is the largest offshore oil field in the world with the reserve of more than 500 billion barrels of oil. It is also the second largest oil field in Saudi Arabia; the daily production of it reaches up to about 1.5million barrels.

2. Kirkuk Oil Field, which was early developed, lays in the north part of Iraq with 24.4billion tons of verified reserve. It’s the largest oil field in the north part of Iraq, also one of the largest gas oil fields in the world.

3. Bolivar Oil Field is the largest oil field in the east part of Venezuela. It has 52billion tons of verified reserves, most of which are heavy oil. The yearly production of the oil field is about 1 million barrels.

4. Greater Burgan Oil Fields, which lays in Kuwait along Gulf Coast, is one of the ten largest oil fields in the world. The reserve of this oil field is about 660billion barrels to 720billion barrels, occupying more than half the reserve of the whole Kuwait. Now its daily production is about 1.1 million to 1.3 million barrels.

5. Zakum Oil Field lays in the middle west part of the United Arab Emirates. It has 15.9billion tons of verified reserves, most of which are gushers.

6. Summer Lotter Oil Field locates in the western Siberia Oil field in Russia, the middle part of western Siberia. The verified reserves of it reach 20.6 billion tons with daily production about 1.4billion tons. Being the largest oil field in Russia, this oil field only inferiors to Ghawar Oil Field in Saudi Arabia.

7. Daqing Oil Field is the largest oil field now in china, also one of the few extra large Sandstone oil fields in the world. Its oil accumulating area covers more than 6000 square kilometer.

8. Rumaila Oil Field is the largest oil field in Iraq, reserving about 178billion barrels of oil. Bidders competed fiercely when Iraq government hold a bid for the oil field in 2009. Finally, British Petroleum Co. Ltd., PetroChina and Iraq's state –owned South Company reached an agreement to develop the oil field together. It can produce 1.5million barrels per day now.

9. Romashkino Oil Field locates in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. It is reserving about 24billion tons of oil with yearly production about 1billion tons, ranking the second in Russia. This oil field mainly produces medium crude oil and heavy crude oil with a high sulfide content.

10. Ghawar Oil Field, discovered by Saudi Arabia in Persian Gulf Basin in 1984, has been considered as the largest onshore oil field in the world. It was developed in 1951. Now, the verified reserves of it reach to about 107.4billion tons and it produces 2.8billion tons of oil per year, which accounts for about 30% of the whole Persian Gulf.

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