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The Top Ten Oil Fields with the Largest Oil Production! One of Them is in China
Although shale energy revolution now is being discussed widely, the world still relies on the present oil production seriously nowadays. The Middle East plays a leading role in oilfield for almost half a century, now it is still the leader in the world. There are ten most important oilfieds in the world. Luckily, China is on the list.

1. The Sarfanian oilfield in the northeast of Saudi Arabia, it is the biggest offshore oilfield in the world, it is believed that Sarfanian oilfield has stored about 50 billion barrel, it is the second biggest oilfield in Saudi Arabia, its daily output is 15 million barrels.

2. The Kirkuk oilfield is in the north of Iraq, it was exploited early, its storage is about two point 2.44 billion tons. It is the biggest oilfield in the north of Iraq and one of the biggest oilfield in the world.

3. The Bolivar oilfield is the biggest oilfield  in the east of Venezuela, it is in the Orinolo Plain. Its oil is heavy oil, its storage is 5.2 billion, the annual production up to one million barrels.

4. Big Bulgan oilfield is one of the biggest oilfield in the world, it lies in Kuwait of Persian gulf coast, it's 20km away from Arabian gulf coast. Its storage is about 66 billion to 72 billion barrels, it takes a half of the whole Kuwait. At present, its daily production is 11 million to 13 million barrels.

5. The Zakum oilfield is in the midwest of The United Arap Emirates, its storage is 1.59 billion tons, the most of it is flowing well.

6. The Samorot oilfield is in the West Siberian of Russia, it lies in the middle of West Siberian. Its storage is 2.06 billion tons, its annual production is 0.14 billion tons, it ranks only second to the Ghawar oilfield of Saudi Arabia, it is the biggest oilfield in Russia.

7. Daqing oilfield is the biggest oilfield in our country, it is also the one of bare large salt-overlying oilfield, it is composed of 52 oilfields like Sartu district, Xingshugang and Lamadian, its area can up to 6 thousand square kilometers.

8. The Rumaila oilfield is the biggest in Iraq, its oil storage is 17.8 billion barrels. Iraq government made a bid in public for this oilfield in 2009, it was popular, then at last, British oil company, Chinese oil company and the south oil company of Iraq decided to exploit together. At present, its daily production is 15 million barrels.

9. The Romashkino oilfield in Russian Republic of Tatarstan. Its storage up to 2. billion tons, its annual production is about 0.1 billion tons, it ranks second in Russia. It mainly produces medium and heavy oil with much sulphur.

10. The Gavar oilfield is the biggest overland oilfield of Saudi Arabia in Persian Gulf coast since 1948, it started producing in 1951. Its storage is 10.74 billion tons, its annual production can up to 0.28 billion tons, it takes 30 percent of whole Persian Gulf region.

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