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Ukraine's Gas Consumption Surge in Recent Three Years

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Source: Commerce

Date: 2017-07-27

Key words: Consumption of liquefied gas, Production of liquefied petroleum gas, Liquefied petroleum gas market

Ukrainian news agency reported July 24. Ukraine's state-owned company "Укрпромвнешэкспертиза" reported that the consumption of was 1.456 million tonnes in 2016, and it was almost 1 time times higher than 2013, up 48.6% from 2015 (979,000 tonnes).

The data also showed that Ukraine liquefied gas production in 2016 was 408,000 tons, which was 3000 tons less than the same year, but 63,000 tons more than 2014. According to experts assessment, LPG domestic market has competition, but there is no price manipulation but the potential for growth.

It is predicted that the Ukrainian liquefied gas market will grow 15-17% in 2017. "Глобус-петролеум" laboratory data showed that the liquefied petroleum gas of Ukrainian market is qualified.