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United Arab Emirates and Lithuania deepen cooperation in LNG and solar energy

Lithuania energy minister Waichu Nath said currently, the United Arab Emirates is very interested in small-scaled liquefied natural gas (LNG) project and advanced solar technology of Lithuania.

It is reported that, Lithuania and the United Arab Emirates have signed a memorandum of understanding in Dubai at the early November, aiming to promote the development of renewable energy and energy conservation and environmental protection. Waichu Nath said, it was too early to sign the specific contract, so they signed a memorandum. “One project is about technical cooperation of solar energy components and another one is related to a small-scaled LNG project.”

At present, the one third natural gas consumption of the United Arab Emirates comes from LNG import. Although the United Arab Emirates has independent LNG cargo ship, it still lacks experience in the construction of a small-scaled LNG project. Waichu Nath said, “In order to conserve energy and reduce emission, the United Arab Emirates pays more and more attention to LNG and sees the potential of a small-scaled LNG plant construction. He is interested in the experience and technology that Lithuania has achieved.