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What is the Benefit of Two Rights? Polish Foreign Minister: Imports of Natural Gas from Russian and

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Source: Global Network

Date: 2017-08-07

Key words: Natural gas, Natural gas transportation, LNG

Despite the recent tensions between Poland and Russia over the deployment of NATO forces, Poland still highly relied on Russia for energy supplies because the demand of country's two-thirds was from Russia each year. In an interview with the businessman newspaper in August 7, Polish foreign Minister Vito Vashchinkowski said  that Poland would continue to buy gas from Russia if the prices of gas fell in Russia.

Vaszczkowski said that if Russia offered "cheaper" gas prices, Poland would extend the term of the "Amazon-Europe gas pipeline" contract. It was reported that the gas pipeline was mainly responsible for the transmission of Russian Yamal, P-ov. gas to Germany and other European countries, and the existing contract would expire on January 1, 2020, "if Russia can provide more competitive prices, we (Poland) will continue to buy gas from Russia." Vaszczkowski added that there were three sources of natural gas currently in Poland. One part was from Poland's own exploitation; one part was from the SIVINOUICIC liquid-gas terminals operating in Poland; and the last part relied on the Baltic gas pipeline, which connected Poland and Norway. In this way, Poland would significantly reduce its reliance on Russian gas in the future, "even after 5 years, Poland will no longer rely on Russian gas."

According to the Russian news report, Vaszczkowski also said that Poland had previously imported natural gas from the United States, "complete success". But the price of gas imported from the United States was significantly higher than that of Russian and Qatari gas suppliers, "if the US offer more competitive prices, we (Poland) will consider buying natural gas from the United States."

It was worth mentioning that in July this year, U.S. President Trump lobbied the Polish government to expand the U.S.-China energy trade during his visiting to Poland. Trump said the US could sign a LNG supply agreement with Poland "within 15 minutes" to help the region out of its energy dependence on Russia.