Peiyang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Oil and Gas Refinery Projects

  • Adopt differential pressure coupling double-effect energy-saving technologies, feedstock pump into two columns simultaneously, reduce 35% heat, and use APC advanced control method to realize full automatic control.
  • The owner requests the COD of wastewater containing oil fall from 4000ppm to below 200ppm. After our experiments and process simulation, the device can handle the COD below 100ppm.
  • The client provided the tail gas component and the local emission requirements. The discharge tail gas content is much lower than local emission standard This project was delivered within 45 days, finished installation and commissioning in 5 days.
  • The owner is the largest pharmaceutical intermediates Cephems in China. The feed is acetone mixed gas. The client requested that the yield is 95%, the purity is above 90%, the tail gas VOC is below 80PPM (mg/m3). The purity of our experiment and process c